Product News

Updated: September 25th, 2019

Template cloning

A worfklow template can now be cloned from the main dashboard. Simply hover over the template row and click on the Clone button.

🔥Task due dates

Optionally, tasks can now have a defined date/time by which they're supposed to be finished. To set a due date click on the Start Workflow button on the main dashboard and select date/time in the popup.

Setting task due dates prior to starting the workflow

Once started, the workflow will show a countdown next to the task if due date/time was set.

Workflow task countdown

Task assignees will receive Slack notification one hour before the task is due and at actual due time if the task isn't yet completed by that time.

Slack notification saying the task is due now

🔥Ability to re-assign users

You might need to run a workflow but assign its tasks to different users than originally specified in the workflow template. This is possible in the web app starting today. Simply click on the Start Workflow button on the main dashboard and a popup offering user re-assignment will appear.

Re-assigning users prior to starting a workflow

Workflow renaming

Running workflow can now be renamed from main dashboard in the web app.

Renaming running workflow

Preview of workflow status on dashboard

A preview of workflow status was added on main dashboard in the web app to make it easier to comprehend what stage the running workflow is at without the need to go into the workflow.

Preview of workflow status